About Us

The Regulars is a brand and design studio created by fashion industry alum, Eytan Moldovan. Based in Los Angeles, the brand is known for its colorful, slightly subversive take on the American classics, as well as its cult following and limited-edition drops. 

Combining elements from the worlds of outerwear, sportswear, and streetwear, The Regulars combines a reverence for quality and Americana tradition with an irreverence for the rules.

The brand draws inspiration from all things Americana including the world of sport, as well as from literature, pop culture, and the American “preppy” ivy style.  

The Regulars has developed a cult following that includes famous athletes, musicians, actors, DJ’s and other luminaries in art, sport, academia, film, music, and exploration.

The Regulars works with some of the best fabric mills, artisans, and workshops in the world to create pieces that will last. 

We are a small, young, LA-based brand, as well as a diverse, global community. We invite you to discover our world, and to join us.


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